What is IceBreakerAR?

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User data is secured on the blockchain and protected to the highest standard.

Augmented Reality

Match results are displayed in an AR fashion where a fully customizable avatar represents the matches.

Retail Partners

Users will benefit from retails discounts, Retailers will benefit from increased sales, IceBreakerAR benefits from happy Users and Partners, it is a win-win-win paradigm.

iOS and Android App

Provides a fun and vibrant experience where users have the ability to create a Dating, Group or Networking profile in one or all of the available categories.

Making the virtual world a reality

  • Expression of Self

    ICE Avatars become an extension of your personality and provides a dynamic canvas for your self-expression. The avatar is YOU in whatever unlimited way you wish to present yourself to the world.

  • Gamification

    Earn rewards to level up your Avatar or earn free credits by viewing AR advertisements, matching and interacting with other users, attending events, participating in loot drops, and many, many more ways.

  • You are in control

    You control the information you wish to share with others. You control who you are open to meeting. You have full control over your IceBreakerAR experience.

  • Full spectrum of social interactions

    Whether you are looking for a casual date, a long term relationship, a knowledgeable business conversation or a friendly group to join, IceBreakerAR provides you options that suit your social interaction needs.

  • Retail Discounts

    Enjoy exclusive discounts at retail partners simply by being an IceBreakerAR user.

  • Data security

    IceBreakerAR uses the latest Blockchain technology so you can have the peace of mind your data will never be compromised.

The App

Users have the option of a quick profile creation to get up and running as quickly as possible or a more detailed profile setup for higher quality matches. Once at least one profile from either Dating, Networking or Groups has been created, the user can begin to scan the vicinity for matches. The user can also seamlessly switch between categories to scan if they created a profile in multiple categories.


When used to search for matches in the Dating category, Users will find a fun and and vibrant experience. Some available features are:

Open and inclusive search
From casual dating to a walk on the wild side, users have full discretion to seek their match.

Send a message
Before meeting face to face a message function is available to communicate.

Send a gift
Augmented reality gifts are available for purchase and can be collected and stored in a personal inventory.

Approach assistant
Don't know what to say or message? Try out the Approach Assistant. The first time is free and subsequent uses are easily purchased. The Approach Assistant will suggest things to message or say based upon the match’s like and dislikes.


When used to search for matches in the Networking features category, Users will be able to interact with like minded individuals whether at a conference, while traveling or virtually anywhere to grow their personal and professional network. Some available features are:

Skills and Experience
Much like a mini-resume, users are able to list their skills and experience in their respective fields.

A User’s interests and who they wish to match with may differ dramatically from their current profession. This allows users to break out of any career boundaries.

Rating and Review
User's will be able to rate and review their networking encounter. This will enable IceBreakerAR and the users to increase the quality of matches.

Networking monetization
For those Users who maintain a consistent high rating, IceBreakerAR provides the mechanism for them to charge a small fee for their time.


When using the Groups category, Users can easily create a group by simply creating a title and interest/topic for the Group. That's it! Not creating a Group? Simply input some interests and scan for Groups that have been already created. A map will be displayed with Groups that generally fit your interests then you simply walk up and join or wait for others to come and join you. 

The Team

Thien To

CEO and Co-Founder

Michael de Blok

COO and Co-Founder

Kaitie Zhee

Marketing and User Acquisiton Director

Connor McKitrick

Business Development Director

Ben O'Grady

Development and Marketing

Simon Yu

Content Management Director

Kristin Lewis

Advisor / Growth Hacker

Jillian Godsil

Strategic Advisor

Zaheer Merali

Strategic Advisor

Georgy Gadzhiev

Blockchain Developer

Theodosis Mourouzis, PhD

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor

Taylan Pince

Lead App Developer

Serkan Terek

UX Lead Developer

Kaan Eryilmaz

Senior UI Designer

Hakan Demiroz

Senior IOS/AR Developer



Q1/Q2 2018

Initial Startup and development of IceBreakerAR begins.

Q3 2018

Alpha/Beta and ICO

Q4 2018

Further Development and Integrations

Q1 2019

Final Beta Release & Commencement of Marketing Campaign

Q2 2019

On-boarding of AR Advertisers & Retail Partners

Q3 2019

Increased Marketing

Q4 2019

Additional Development and Features

2020 Onwards

2020 Onwards

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Frequently Asked Questions

IceBreakerAR is an innovative tool that uses augmented reality to assist the user make meaningful interactions with other users. This can be for dating, networking or casual group purposes. In addition, users will also receive discounts at retail partners.

Traditional dating sites are prone to chat bots, inaccurate photos, lack of follow through to meet face to face and most importantly data security breaches. IceBreakerAR addresses all of these issues. In addition to reducing the anxiety experienced from reaching out to meet someone new.

Other platforms are passive. The user must approach (online) another user, converse then try to arrange a face to face meeting. The other user may or may not be real; may or may not show up. IceBreakerAR is proactive meeting. IT is about the here and now. You scan, you match, you meet…immediately.

Well that's kind of the issue isn't it, do we need blockchain to run? No, we could just as easily use a MongoDB/SQL DB to make it work, but database hacking/sql injection are common place in current day technlogy. We're moving towards a blockchain world, where everything, including the web (substratum) is on the blockchain. Creating our platform on the blockchain and securing it with military grade encryption in an unhackable and immutable environment puts us at a first mover advantage against all other social networking sites and apps. Another upside is that we can reward our token holders and users as well as give to charity and in a manner that's verifiable on the blockchain to prove trust.

Best place is using the Whitepaper link in the header of the webpage

We have a prototype complete for demo purposes mid-May 2018. The Beta will be available for whitelisted users in late Q3 2018. The final product will be available early Q2 2019.

Apple Store and Google Play Store

• ICE Credits and Tokens are NOT interchangeable and have no transferability between each other.
• ICE Credits can only be purchased in-app to enhance your IceBreakerAR experience. These can be used to level up your Avatar, purchase additional customizations and accessories. They can also be used for the Approach Assistant or purchasing AR gift to give or to collect.
• ICE Tokens are the gas that operates the IceBreakerAR ecosystem. Without ICE Tokens you would not be able to scan or retrieve any information. ICE Tokens are only available on coin exchanges that list IceBreakerAR.

Absolutely. IceBreakerAR is completely FREE to use. If you wish to make use of the enhanced features, you will require ICE Credits.

ICE Tokens are the gas that operates the IceBreakerAR ecosystem. Without ICE Tokens you would not be able to scan or retrieve any information. ICE Tokens are only available on coin exchanges that list IceBreakerAR.

There are numerous reasons to hold ICE Tokens. Please read the Whitepaper for an in depth explanation. At a high level, holding ICE Tokens will result in ICE Credits and Tokens rewarded to you.

The app will be launched globally with marketing pushes targeted in a city by city manner.

ICE Tokens are an ERC20 token so any wallet such as MyEtherWallet (MEW) will suffice.

The IceBreakerAR GitHub account is Github

We have a presence on numerous social media sites. The best place to look is on the website home page where there are links.